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We are public relations and content agency who understands lifestyle of people in digital era. We emphasize building, managing and maintaining brands reputation, as well as establishing long term relationship with brands. Our goal is to reach as far as the moon, that’s why we are not accepting only just “good”

Type of Service



Service Detail
Planning PR strategy for brand, focusing on main media channel. Delivering the right message
to the right channel at the right time, while building reputation and relationship altogether.



Service Detail
Setting up crisis protocol for brand with proper guideline and consultation, including essential training
for brand on how to handle unstable situation or crisis, especially on social media.



Service Detail
Developing social voice for brand, corporate, or person. Provide advice and consultation on how to speak,
take an action and deal with social with the right tone and manner that matches brand, corporate,
or person’s character.



Service Detail
Managing relationship between media and brand, corporate, or product. Planning, designing and executing
among platforms on social media channel, leading to healthy and long-term relationship with consumers.
Monitoring news published by the press.



Service Detail
Planning Influencer strategy for brand. Determining which influencers to partner with and how to
approach them by turning business-based relation into long-term relationship.

Our Clients

Our Works

Siriraj Piyamaharajkarun Hospital (SiPH)

Project Details SiPH created a CSR campaign, “Term Kumlung Jai” to generate awareness regarding the importance of sharing and encouragement, urging society to be mindful of social support. To reach the goal, we integrated creative ideas and the power of influencer marketing to spin off


Project Details No matter how complex the information is, we believe that there is an effective way to simplify and convey it. In this project, we supported Roche, the world’s largest biotech company and a global pioneer in pharmaceuticals and diagnostics, in building public awareness of

EEF (Equitable Education Fund)

Project Details EEF (Equitable Education Fund) aimed to create a better equitable education rate with several programs to help children living in poverty all around the country. Especially during the COVID-19 epidemic, rural children who cannot go to school became hungry and lacked education. This

Better Vision (Zeen)

Project Details To build awareness of Zeen, the anti-fatigue lens of Better Vision, and to stay top- of- mind with target audiences, we created a PR campaign starting with a hilarious short film with insightful situations that was not only funny and enjoyable but also informative and attractive


Project Details During the 3rd wave of the COVID-19 outbreak, AP Thai has launched the campaign ‘SAVE LIVES, PROTECT PEOPLE’ whose pilot effort involves dispatching a caravan, delivering fresh and dry foods and anti-COVID-19 supplies while supporting Thai SMEs and small-time farmers by

The 1

Project Details To strongly build the corporate image, we provided a digital PR plan in integrated ways. We focused on the practical direction that can attract media, consumers, and stakeholders effectively, offering a new way of PR communication by creating “The 1 Insight”. The data

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