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New service from Rabbit Digital Group

Type of Service

We do make Live Solution for customer with creative idea and content which break the norm of live streaming production.


Live Webinar, Press Event, Product Launch

Support all Zoom, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LINE, TikTok

Service Detail

  • Live Streaming Event on Social Media Platform
  • Support up to 4 channel live in real-time
  • Platform : Zoom, Microsoft Team, Google Meet, WebEx
  • Portfolio – P&G, Rabbit Digital Group

Live Full-Vertical View

Full vertical live solution for mobile platform

Service Detail

  • Create live event for vertical view or mobile only platform
  • We do production by turn all equipment in 90” degree which make full-size vertical view.
  • Platform : TikTok Live
  • Portfolio – TikTok Thailand : Pok Mindset Live Concert, Miss Universe Thailand

Multi-location Live Solution

Production live with host on various location

Service Detail

  • Create live streaming with MC, Speaker, Artist, Panelist from various location
  • Perfect for event on COVID-19 period
  • Production with professional graphic, video, animation assets
  • Platform : AIS Play (OTT)
  • Portfolio – BNK48 General Election 2020

Live Interactive Solution

Let’s audience vote for the next scene live online

Service Detail

  • Live Streaming content with real-time interactive
  • Audience can vote for the next scene live online which gain more engagement
  • Platform : Facebook Live
  • Portfolio – BNK48 : By The Way

Live Streaming to Video
Conference Platform.


Low quality video,
lag, sound buggy

No production or
creative assets

Cannot combine
2+ on screen

Live Streaming

1-Way Live Streaming

Platform : Facebook Live, YouTube Live, Streaming Live Platform

Pros : Best Video & Sound Quality

Cons : Less Engagement

2-Way Communication Live Streaming

Platform : Zoom, Microsoft Team, WebEx, Google Meet

Pros : Everyone can live from different location,
Business Discussion

Cons : Mid Level Video & Sound Quality, Need
professional team & production

Our Clients

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Let’s Jump

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